The Prince (El Príncipe) (On Demand)
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The Prince (El Príncipe) (On Demand)


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The Prince (El Príncipe) (On Demand)

You don’t need to have read the erotic novel this film is based on to immerse yourself in the experience of Chile in the 1970s.

The recipient of the 2019 Venice Film Festival Queer Lion, The Prince introduces us to Jaime, a troubled young man grappling with his sexuality, whose jealousy results in a violent act that sends him to prison.

There, he is taken under the wing of an older man known as The Stallion. Behind bars, surrounded by hardened criminals, Jaime learns of love, loyalty and protection against a backdrop of prison brutality and power struggles.

Juan Carlos Maldonado as Jaime is easy on the eyes and this story of unexpected tenderness and inter-generational love is as moving as it is a striking portrait of Chilean contemporary history.

Content warning: Sexually explicit and sexual violence

Winner, Venice Film Festival 2019 Queer Lion
Nominee, San Sebastián International Film Festival 2019 Best Film

"The combined allure of this rich subtext and Maldonado's brooding face help The Prince emerge as a hellishly beautiful portrait of a troubled man forged in the fires of an even more troubled society" — Radio Times