The Thing About Harry (On Demand)
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The Thing About Harry (On Demand)


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The Thing About Harry (On Demand)

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Unclassified 15+
85 Mins | USA | English | Narrative Feature | 2020
The thing about The Thing About Harry is that it’s delightful!

When somewhat geeky Sam (out Grey’s Anatomy star Jake Borelli) is forced to give a lift to his former high-school bully Harry (Niko Terho), he finds himself taken off guard by just how much his nemesis has changed. In fact, so much so, that there’s a hint of a spark! But can a himbo change his spots? And can these two not only be best friends but more?

What starts as a road trip ends up being a true journey as Sam and the (now-openly) pansexual Harry navigate life, dating and brunch. This charming film from director Peter Paige (Queer As Folk’s Emmett and creator of The Fosters) shows that labels are sometimes better ripped up and left on the dance floor.

Australian Premiere

"Cute, fun and swoon-inducing... goes down as easily as a box of chocolates." — TV Line

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