These Thems (On Demand)
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These Thems (On Demand)

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Unclassified 15+
83 Mins | USA | English | Episodic | 2020
Eventful, simultaneous visits to the gynaecologist set two people's lives on a new path, in this hilarious celebration of New York's vibrant, diverse LGBTIQ+ community.

When thirty year-old Gretchen realises she might be a lesbian she's taken under the wing of non-binary "straight whisperer" Vero, who's recently discovered their ability to explain gender and sexuality to even the most oblivious cis-het person. Putting their newfound skills to the test, they give Gretchen a crash-course in navigating the queer world.

Along for the ride are Kevin, Gretchen's gay roommate, and Asher, Vero's trans best friend. Together, the four of them navigate coming out, sexual empowerment, self-expression and the dreaded gender reveal party, in this Frameline Audience Award-winning comedy.

Australian Premiere

Winner, Frameline San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival 2020 Audience Award for Best Short
Winner, OutSouth Queer Film Festival 2020 Best Series and Audience Award for Best Comedy Film

"Playful, sexy, informative, and crucial, These Thems shines a light on a panoply of underrepresented queer identities that changes the game for nonbinary visibility." — Tracy E. Gilchrist

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