Trans & Gender Diverse Shorts (On Demand)

Trans & Gender Diverse Shorts (On Demand)

Shorts Package
Thu Mar 3 12:43 PM

Close Captioned
Assembling films that put trans and gender diverse stories front and centre, this package includes the multi award-winning God’s Daughter Dancing from South Korea; Croatian animation All These Sensations in My Belly which follows Matia as she seeks a genuine connection; Almost A Year in which the overlapping routines of three New Yorkers changes unexpectedly as the pandemic takes hold; Haze,  that shows what happens when Haze’s private recordings of their body end up in front of their mother; and Shedding Skin which finds Alicia connecting with her neighbour and starting to find comfort in her own skin.

Content Warning: Transphobia, sexual harassment & suicide ideation.

Sheer Qorma will only screen In Cinema as part of the Trans and Gender Diverse Shorts at the request of the filmmakers.