Transformistas (On Demand)
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Transformistas (On Demand)


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Transformistas (On Demand)

Filmed without government permission, allow these drag queens to stuff, pad, and perform their way into your heart in this incredible true story of Cuba's first gay bar, and how they helped change a nation.

Go behind the make-up and under the wigs to meet the queens who defied the status quo and carved a path for the Cuban LGBTIQ+ community in this enlightening and joyous doco. Transformistas profiles (among others); Samantha, an artist once quarantined in an HIV sanitarium for five years, on her triumphant journey back to stage; Omega, the former "Miss Trans Cuba'' who faced a tragic and untimely death; and Cynthia, a performer once stabbed 47 times after a show and lived to tell the tale and share her passion with the world.

Australian Premiere

"Hahne's approach yields a touching and informative film that strikes a perfect harmony between the personal and the political with a sense of intimacy and immediacy." — Miami New Times