Transgender Shorts

Transgender Shorts

Open Captioned Screening
Tue Feb 19 8:30 PM
Sold Out

Golden Age Cinema
Open Captioned
General Admission
Unclassified 18+
104 Mins
Tue Feb 19

Transgender Shorts returns to the Golden Age with another selection of films showcasing significant stories that shine a light on the trans experience.

Stacy is the true story of a determined trans woman from El Salvador who is making a name for herself in LA; Pre-Drink follows Alexe and Carl as they blur the lines of friendship; and Approaching shows kindness and understanding can come (and go) from the most unexpected places. 

In Push Pink, a trans person’s conflict using the public restroom takes him on a journey to answer some unresolved questions. In Something About Alex, Alex must face what is troubling him when the only person he trusts announces they're leaving town.


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