White Lie
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White Lie

Sun Feb 16 8:00 PM

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General Admission
Unclassified 15+
96 Mins | 2019 | Canada | English
Sun Feb 16

Wed Feb 26

Sat Mar 14

Katie Arneson is a star on campus; she’s the brave girl who’s fighting melanoma and raising money for charity. Except it’s all a lie. 

Ten months into a ‘cancer’ diagnosis, talented dance student Katie (Kacey Rohl) is informed that her grant is in jeopardy. She needs to fake her medical records but that kind of fraud doesn’t come cheap. Her loving girlfriend Jennifer (Amber Anderson) offers money, thinking it’s for an experimental treatment, but instead Katie turns to her father, Doug (Martin Donovan). He doesn’t believe her, hinting at a troubled history and past trauma, and when he challenges his daughter publicly, she becomes increasingly desperate.

Fresh from the Toronto International Film Festival, this stylish Canadian drama explores the phenomenon of faking illness on social media, questioning the identities we create and the lengths we go to for status, attention, and love. White Lie ramps up the tension as Katie digs in and her elaborate charade begins to fall apart.

Australian Premiere

Toronto International Film Festival 2019 Nominee Best Canadian Feature Film

"Driven by nuanced, persuasive performances and shot with an urgent, jittery tension, White Lie is a compelling close-up character study of a recklessly needy anti-heroine caught in an impossible dilemma of her own making" - the Hollywood Reporter