You Don't Nomi

You Don't Nomi

Sat Sep 21 6:30 PM
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Unclassified 18+
94 Mins | 2019 | USA | English
You Don’t Nomi celebrates the trash masterpiece that is Showgirls. Revelling in all its hilarious flaws, this doco is a must for fans of this all-time camp classic.

Canvassing everyone from film boffins and critics to drag and cabaret performers to give their two cents on this spectacular failure of a movie. This surprisingly thoughtful, and very, very funny, evaluation of this trash masterpiece will make you love (and loathe) it even more as it delves into why it’s become so beloved – for reasons probably never intended.

Then stick around as we present Showgirls in all its camp glory restored on 4K digital! Yes, come with us to the Stardust Hotel and relive all the horrific dialogue, scream at the hilariously bad sex scenes, and bow down to the shambolic performance by Elizabeth Berkley in this infamous tale of a Las Vegas dancer’s erotic rise to fame. BYO Doggie Chow.

Sydney Premiere

Single or double feature tickets available.

You Don't Nomi is at turns silly, raunchy and serious and whatever your opinion on Showgirls, there has to be something to it if it inspires a film this good" - The Pop Break

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