A Sexplanation (On Demand)
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A Sexplanation (On Demand)

Close Captioned
Unclassified 18+
76 Mins | 2021 | USA | English
A candid, refreshing and funny exploration of some decidedly personal questions!

Gay filmmaker and educator Alex Liu, done with feeling repressed, wants to sort out some big quandaries once and for all. Why is there so much shame around desire? Should we feel guilty over our fantasies? Why doesn’t anyone talk about masturbation?

He’ll chat to a slew of experts – from religious figures to scientists – to get to the bottom of things. He’ll also put himself and his family under the microscope to see just why he grew up feeling awkward about his burgeoning sexuality (cue some uncomfortable on-camera conversations).

With the spunky Liu as host, this doco is both funny and reassuring!

Content Warning: A very brief mention of suicide ideation.

Australian Premiere

2021 Inside Out Toronto 2SLGBTQ+ Film Festival - Audience Award for Best Documentary Film
CINEQUEST Film Festival - Audience Award

"A Sexplanation humorously plays with the elements of fun and self-discovery that are part of sex as Liu shifts sex ed from stigma and shame to pleasure and pride." - POV Magazine

"The joy that Liu finds in the learning process is infectious and will itself give many viewers a new respective on the subject." - Eye for Film

Q&A Join Festival Director, Lisa Rose as she chats live with writer/director Alex Liu and writer Leonardo Neri of A Sexplanation. Stream it now on Facebook or Youtube