Best of MGFF22 Shorts

Best of MGFF22 Shorts

Shorts Package
Sat May 21 6:00 PM

Mount Vic Flicks
General Admission

Come on tour and celebrate the best short films of MGFF with these six fantastic offerings. Coded: The Hidden Love of J.C. Leyendecker tells the story of a prominent artist who pioneered coded imagery for LGBTIQ+ representation in advertising; delve into the interconnected lives of three New Yorkers navigating the pandemic in Almost a Year; be transfixed by The Beauty of Being Deaf, shot underwater with an all-BIPOC, deaf cast; see worlds collide in My Mother’s Girlfriend, an Indian film about two working class women in love confronting one of their sons; in Baba, follow Libyan teen, Britannia as he attempts to escape to England and the pulsing queer world of Manchester; and Night Ride, when a cold tram ride late at night takes an unexpected turn.

Travel the world from the US to Norway, Libya and India with these short films from Mardi Gras Film Festival.

Content Warning: Transphobia 

We regret to advise that the Mardi Gras Film Festival screenings in the Blue Mountains have been postponed from 11 -13 Mar until 20 – 22 May. Our wonderful venue Mount Vic Flicks is currently closed due to flood damage to the access roads to the cinema. Tickets are on sale below for the new dates

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