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Beyto (On Demand)

Selling Fast

A critically acclaimed and thought-provoking exploration of the complexities of being a gay
immigrant from a conservative culture.

In Gitta Gsell’s romantic drama, accomplished athlete Beyto is the only son of a family of Turkish immigrants to Switzerland.  As he spends more time with his swimming coach Mike, Beyto comes to realise he can no longer hide his attraction to men, and gossip soon begins to spread within his parents’ social circle. To combat this, Beyto’s parents decide that he must marry a woman of their choosing, leaving him at the centre of a turbulent love triangle.

Beyto is a compelling and sensitively handled romantic drama which carefully navigates the complexities of family and cultural ties with great authenticity.

Australian Premiere

2021 Winner Solothurn Film Festival Prix du Public
2021 Nominee Swiss Film Prize Best Performance in a Supporting Role Dimitri Stapfer

** SELLING FAST On-demand festival films can sell out due to licensing agreements with the Sales Agents, Distributors and Filmmakers and also the Classification Board limit the number of streams we can have on sale to the public.

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