Bliss (Glück) (In CInema)
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Bliss (Glück) (In CInema)

Bliss (Glück) (In CInema)

Fri Feb 25 8:30 PM

Event Cinemas, George St
General Admission
German film Bliss explores the relationship between two sex workers – the experienced and practiced Sascha, and the fresh-faced Maria. When Maria begins working at the Berlin brothel, there is an instant chemistry between her and Sascha. After spending the night together, the two women seem to be falling into a blissful and uncomplicated relationship.

However, as the film progresses and we begin to see more of these characters' vulnerabilities and past experiences, the optimism of their lives and relationship is unsettled.

Bliss was filmed in a real-life brothel and incorporates actual sex workers and clients into the film – adding to the authentic, judgement-free, and complex portrayal of sex work and its environment.

Content Warning: Threats of sexual violence

Sydney Premiere 

2021 Berlin International Film Festival Nominee Best Feature Film
2021 Molodist International Film Festival Nominee Best LGBTQ Film

"What makes Bliss intriguing is its frank exploration of sex work: long years of research inform Kull’s choices and the gaze of Carolina Steinbrecher’s camera is never one of exploitation or judgement. Instead, the film shows every-day normalcy, be it in bed with clients or passing time in the break room, where real life sex workers mingle with professional actors." - One Room with a View

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