Boy Culture (On Demand)
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Boy Culture (On Demand)

Boy Culture (On Demand)

Thu Mar 3 12:43 PM

Unclassified 18+
90 Mins | 2021 | USA | English
We’re thrilled to present this very sexy episodic, a continuation of Q Allen Brocka’s 2006 film of the same name.

We now find that X (Derek Magyar) has split up with boyfriend Andrew (Darryl Stephens), and has returned to turning tricks. However, he’s adjusting to (shock!) not being a twink any more. To make matters more awkward, he and Andrew are still sharing a house. Oh, and he’s being schooled in the art of hustling in the social media era by young Chayce (Jason Caceres), who can’t eyeroll enough at X’s lack of savvy. Fun, very raunchy, frank and even thought-provoking, Boy Culture is a real turn on and, like many of X’s clients, you won’t leave disappointed!

Content Warning: Discussion of suicide ideation

Australian Premiere

Watch Festival Director Lisa Rose's interview with lead actor Derek Magyar!

2021 Cinema Diverse, US Winner Festival Favourite

"The writing is fast and clever, and the direction is crisp, ensuring we don't lose track of where we are; each story unfolds with ease, but also with surprises that could only come tumbling out in a storytelling structure like the one used here." - Edge Media Network