Dear Tenant (親愛的房客) (On Demand)
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Dear Tenant (親愛的房客) (On Demand)Play Trailer

Dear Tenant (親愛的房客) (On Demand)

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Unclassified 15+
107 Mins | 2020 | Taiwan | Mandarin and Min Nan
Dear Tenant is a slow-burn tale of humanity, heartbreak and family, weaving
within it the experience of being a gay man in contemporary Taiwan.

When his boyfriend dies, Lin steps up to take care of his boyfriend’s son Yo-yu. The two of them develop a charming and beautiful relationship as new father and adopted son. They live together with the boy’s grandmother, however tensions mount when her other son launches a campaign against Lin, going after his reputation and happiness in a bid to remove Yo-yu from his care.

This is a moving film, unflinchingly willing to address the inequality suffered by the gay community in Taiwan. The leads are exceptional, nuanced actors and the cinematography
stunning, stretching from the Kaohsiung mountains to the docks of Taiwan with a spectacular eye for finding the stunning in the mundane.

Dear Tenant screens with a watermark at the request of the filmmakers. See an example of a film still with watermark

Content warning: Suicide theme

Australian Premiere

2020 Golden Horse Film Festival Winner Best Leading Actor, Best Supporting Actress & Best Original Film Score

"Dear Tenant is eloquent, elegant and meaningful storytelling, and the final scene is marvellous". - Rotten Tomatoes

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