Denise Ho - Becoming the Song (In Cinema)
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Denise Ho - Becoming the Song (In Cinema)

Denise Ho - Becoming the Song (In Cinema)

Sat Feb 19 2:30 PM

Event Cinemas, George St
General Admission
Denise Ho: Becoming the Song is a moving portrait of singer turned human rights activist Denise Ho.

Following her career beginnings as a Cantopop star building huge fan bases in China and around the world, Denise put her career at risk when she became involved in the pro- democracy movement in Hong Kong. From the protest frontlines and being blacklisted in China, to speaking at the United Nations and US Congress, this documentary follows one of the most influential queer figures in the fight for political freedom and rights in Hong Kong.

Filmed over several years up to the recent demonstrations in 2019, director Sue Williams weaves a compelling and topical documentary not to be missed.

Content Warning: Distressing scenes of political protests & graphic violence.

Sydney Premiere

"Denise Ho: Becoming the Song offers an affecting timeline of a political awakening of a person, of a movement, and of a generation utterly frustrated with the machinations of oppression." - The Austin Chronicle



Event Cinemas, George St

505/525 George St Sydney, NSW, 2000