Ma Belle, My Beauty (In Cinema)
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Ma Belle, My Beauty (In Cinema)

Ma Belle, My Beauty (In Cinema)

Fri Feb 18 6:15 PM

Event Cinemas, George St
General Admission
Unclassified 18+
95 Mins | 2021 | France | USA | English and French with English subtitles
Ex-lovers Bertie, Fred and Lane were once happily ensconced in a polyamorous relationship in New Orleans. Now, years later, Bertie and Fred are married and living in a picturesque villa in the South of France.

Despite their idyllic lifestyle and success as a musical partnership, Bertie is isolated and unsatisfied. When Lane re-emerges suddenly, the relationship dynamic is instantly altered. Against the backdrop of the scenic French countryside, cobbled streets, and quaint markets, the ex-lovers revisit their past relationship and ponder their desires for the future.

Ma Belle, My Beauty is a subtle and nuanced portrayal of a polyamorous relationship and the complex dynamics between each of the characters.

Sydney Premiere

2021 Sundance Film Festival Winner Audience Award

"Rather than a meditation on desire, Ma Belle, My Beauty becomes a portrait of how people simultaneously crave intimacy and keep each other at bay. Viewers may wish there were more to it, but what’s there is teasingly intriguing. Ma Belle, My Beauty may be a mere bagatelle, but it’s a diverting and attractive one." - The Washington Post



Event Cinemas, George St

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