Poppy Field (Câmp de Maci) (In Cinema)
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Poppy Field (Câmp de Maci) (In Cinema)

Poppy Field (Câmp de Maci) (In Cinema)

Tue Feb 22 8:15 PM

Event Cinemas, George St
General Admission
In Eugen Jebeleanu’s directorial debut, Cristi (Conrad Mericoffer) is a young Romanian police officer struggling to negotiate his sexuality with his working life in a hypermasculine environment, where sharing one’s feelings is a sign of weakness.

While his long-distance French boyfriend, Hadi, is visiting him, Cristi and his colleagues are called to a movie theatre, where an ultra-nationalist, homophobic group has interrupted the screening of a queer film – an event based on a real protest that interrupted a Romanian screening of The Kids Are Alright. Whilst there, someone recognises him, which causes his two worlds to collide. Jebeleanu’s direction deftly contrasts this tense confrontation with moments of stillness giving a glimpse into Cristi’s personal conflict.

Content Warning: Homophobic Violence

Australian Premiere

2021 Molodist International Film Festival Winner Best LGBTQ Film
2021 Transilvania International Film Festival Winner Audience Award and Best Direction

"With its minimalist approach and painstaking attention to detail, director Eugen Jebeleanu manages to create a claustrophobic and chaotic atmosphere, particularly during the protest scene, and makes Poppy Field a worthy entry into the Romanian New Wave." - Art House Street



Event Cinemas, George St

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