Rebel Dykes (On Demand)
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Rebel Dykes (On Demand)

Rebel Dykes (On Demand)

Thu Mar 3 12:43 PM

Unclassified 18+
91 Mins | 2021 | UK | English
Britain in the 1980s: Conservatives are in power and Section 28 outlaws the promotion of homosexuality. Amid this tumultuous backdrop, radical lesbian squatters occupy the abandoned houses of London to forge a sexually liberated commune of kink-positive, leather-clad, anarchist feminists.

The Rebel Dykes abseiled into the House of Lords, hijacked The Six O’Clock News in protest, opened a legendary lesbian S&M club, performed as The Sluts From Outer Space and rode around the city in a motorbike gang; continually thrusting against attempts to curb their self-expression, even by sections of the feminist movement itself.

For the first time, the stories of this renegade group are sparked to life in Rebel Dykes, a fierce and funny documentary capturing unbelievable testimonies via a mix of animation, unseen archival footage, interviews and a rocking soundtrack – providing an intimate insight into the riotous subculture that shaped queer history.

Sydney Premiere

2021 KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival Nominee Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature
2021 British Independent Film Awards Nominee Raindance Award and Discovery Award

"A judicious mix of new-minted interviews, home video footage and charming animation by Shanahan makes for a delightful, well-tempered package." - The Guardian