Signature Move (On Demand)
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Signature Move (On Demand)

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A hit at Mardi Gras Film Festival 2018, Signature Move is back.

Brace yourself for mother-daughter relationships and lucha libre women’s wrestling in this multicultural lesbian love story.

Zaynab, a Pakistani-American immigration lawyer, gets swept up in a tequila-fuelled one-night stand with Alma, a passionate Mexican-American bookstore owner. Zayneb escapes an awkward morning-after but finds herself reluctantly chasing after Alma in hopes of retrieving something she left behind. 

Zaynab is forced to face the predicament of revealing her secrets and challenging her well-intentioned yet conservative mother (Shabana Azmi, star of 1996’s Fire, Bollywood’s first lesbian feature), in order to pursue a relationship with the out and proud Alma.

Embark on a delightful journey of self-acceptance and exploration in this light-hearted romantic comedy from writer and star, Fawzia Mirza.

Encore Screening

2017 Iris Prize Festival Winner Iris Prize Best Actress Fawzia Mirza
2017 L.A. Outfest Film Festival Winner Grand Jury Award Outstanding American Narrative Feature

​​​​"With its likeable characters, local color and cross-cultural sparks, Signature Move has unsentimental sweetness and pluck" - LA Times

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